GMH featured in BUST Magazine

We got two media references in one day - awesome!

From BUST:

I’m sure many of you have heard of FMyLife, where people talk about the shitty and degrading things that have happened to them, or Texts From Last Night, which is exactly what it sounds like. And though these brief anecdotes range from humorous to embarrassing, neither of them are quite as uplifting as Gives Me Hope, where people write inspiring snippets of he good the everyday person is capable of."

This is one of my favorites: "My father was diagnosed with cancer and passed away 4 years ago. Recently, I stopped by his online blog. I found out my son had been leaving him comments, saying things like how he missed him, and how he is studying hard in school, and that he would study hard to find a cure to cancer so that people won’t miss their grandfather like he does. GMH"


Anonymous said...

Okay this one just made me cry!
GMH indeed....

You two are really doing a great job!!

Sending my love all the way from the Netherlands,
A true optimistic student.

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