Henry M. Gunn Gives US Hope!

The Los Angeles Times writes about a school that has been shaken by a string of suicides. What did Henry M. Gunn school do to combat this negativity? A dash of Operation Beautiful and a pinch of GivesMeHope!

About the time Operation Beautiful was born, a blog called HMGGMH was created. The "Henry M. Gunn Gives Me Hope" site was modeled after GivesMeHope.com, a forum where people share uplifting moments and shore one another up against the vagaries of life.

They created their own version of GMH! What a wonderful idea. We hope it makes a difference in at least one person's life.

The article also ran in the Dallas Morning News and the Arizona Republic.

GMH in the Nashville Tennesseean

Inspired by GivesMeHope, Nasvhille's biggest newspaper took to the coffee shops and community centers of the city to ask people about the experiences that have given them hope. Go here to read their 300-character-or-less stories!

GMH stories + images = WIN!

We don't want to be cliche here at GMH but, well, we are: we believe a picture IS worth 1000 words.

We're hoping that combining powerful images and GMH stories will help us spread our message of hope even farther.

Here is an example Gaby made earlier so you get an idea of what we're talking about. This image was made with an previously existing GMH. Make your GMH image with your own personal GMH story (remember to include www.givesmehope.com somewhere in the image)!

Do you really want your story posted? For a short time, we're going to post ALL GivesMeHope Image Stories we receive (as long as they are appropriate). You can use a brand new story, or even a story you've previously submitted to GMH and never got posted.

Remember that it is important to keep your story within the 350 character limit. We're not actually going to sit and count up your character number, but its a fact that longer stories are harder to turn into powerful images. Other than that, be as creative as you want :)!

Keep in mind that your GMH image doesn't have to be made in the computer. You can make it offline and then scan it (think post-secret type stories). We've plucked a post-secret to illustrate our point.

We're posting all GMH Image Stories submissions on our tumblr, which has over 4,000 readers. The best ones will be posted on the GMH home page!

Please send all your submissions to your givesmehope@gmail.com

Thank you, everybody!

GMH Video Contest winners announced

Voting is closed for the GMH Video Contest and the results are in! CONGRATULATIONS to the winners:

1) Shadowchef117

2) hptwilighter

3) VaBookworm87

Thank you to everybody who participated. We LOVED watching your videos!


GMH on the Los Angeles Loyolan!

Hey Everyone!

The Los Angeles Loyolan compiled a short list of optimistic and positive thinking websites. GivesMeHope was the very first one listed!

Here is a link to the full article.

- Gaby & Emerson

iPhone app now available!

It's finally ready! WOO!! Let us know what you guys think!

Download it here for free at the iTunes store.

"Best of GivesMeHope" Video Contest

Make one or more short videos between 2-4 minutes in length that display your favorite GMH stories. Give people hope (and win prizes)! No video editing or production expertise needed.

Learn more here.

We can't wait to see your submissions!

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Gaby and Emerson

GMH one of Cracked.com's Top Picks

GMH was selected as one of Cracked.com's Top Picks for July. Cracked, if you didn't know, is hilarious. You should go there right now and spend the rest of your day reading it.

Incidentally, for the past few days - even before the plug on Cracked - traffic has been at record levels. We also hit 2,000 followers on Twitter, and 6,000 on Facebook. Word is getting out!

Kansas State Collegian article / GMH API released!

"Givesmehope.com provides inspirational responses to life’s mishaps, misfortunes." Read the full article here in the Kansas State Collegian.

PROGRAMMERS: Thanks to our friend Eugene, the GMH API is up and running!


And this means... an iPhone app hopefully won't be far around the corner! Huzzah!

Email us if you have any questions or ideas.

GMH merchandise now available

Look stylish and support a great cause - the Boys and Girls Clubs of America - by buying a GMH shirt or hoodie!

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Assorted News

First, we got tweeted by @RainnWilson aka Dwight from The Office. He has almost one million followers. Heck yeah!

Second, we hit 1,000 followers on Twitter and 4,000 on Facebook. Heck yeah!

Third, Abby made us this awesome banner. Thanks, Abby!

Fourth, keep spreading the word about GMH! We love you all!

Givoogle.com - Search the web. Save the world.

What if you could raise money for charity every time you searched using Google?

Now, you can. We're SO proud to share with you guys the new website we created, Givoogle.com.

Givoogle is the same Google search you love. But advertisers pay us for every 1000 people who see their banner ad. Then, we donate 100% of the money to the American Cancer Society. Cool, huh?

If just 0.01% of people currently using Google switch to Givoogle, we can raise millions to fight cancer! We're so pumped!


Just setting Givoogle as your home page will raise $74 a year or more. Do it now!

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GO SPREAD THE WORD!! Update your Facebook, your Twitter, blog, anything! Then, let us know in the comments what you did to spread the word! We love you all! - Emerson and Gaby

Gaby and I were on the CBS 22 Evening News!

... Watch the video!

GMH featured in BUST Magazine

We got two media references in one day - awesome!

From BUST:

I’m sure many of you have heard of FMyLife, where people talk about the shitty and degrading things that have happened to them, or Texts From Last Night, which is exactly what it sounds like. And though these brief anecdotes range from humorous to embarrassing, neither of them are quite as uplifting as Gives Me Hope, where people write inspiring snippets of he good the everyday person is capable of."

This is one of my favorites: "My father was diagnosed with cancer and passed away 4 years ago. Recently, I stopped by his online blog. I found out my son had been leaving him comments, saying things like how he missed him, and how he is studying hard in school, and that he would study hard to find a cure to cancer so that people won’t miss their grandfather like he does. GMH"

GMH on the front page of the South Bend Tribune!

...Sandwiched between a story about the DC Gunman and a guy dying... see why we created GMH?

Check it out.

GMH featured on the front page of the Elkhart Truth

Hi Everyone and welcome to the new team blog!

I'm writting our very first entry to let you know that GivesMeHope was featured on the front page of the Elkhart Truth! (Wohooo!)

Here is a link to the front page scan:

And here is a link to the full article:

My favorite part is the part where they get my name, RIDICULOUSLY wrong...

Gabby Monteroo = My new favorite name!