GMH stories + images = WIN!

We don't want to be cliche here at GMH but, well, we are: we believe a picture IS worth 1000 words.

We're hoping that combining powerful images and GMH stories will help us spread our message of hope even farther.

Here is an example Gaby made earlier so you get an idea of what we're talking about. This image was made with an previously existing GMH. Make your GMH image with your own personal GMH story (remember to include www.givesmehope.com somewhere in the image)!

Do you really want your story posted? For a short time, we're going to post ALL GivesMeHope Image Stories we receive (as long as they are appropriate). You can use a brand new story, or even a story you've previously submitted to GMH and never got posted.

Remember that it is important to keep your story within the 350 character limit. We're not actually going to sit and count up your character number, but its a fact that longer stories are harder to turn into powerful images. Other than that, be as creative as you want :)!

Keep in mind that your GMH image doesn't have to be made in the computer. You can make it offline and then scan it (think post-secret type stories). We've plucked a post-secret to illustrate our point.

We're posting all GMH Image Stories submissions on our tumblr, which has over 4,000 readers. The best ones will be posted on the GMH home page!

Please send all your submissions to your givesmehope@gmail.com

Thank you, everybody!


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