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What if you could raise money for charity every time you searched using Google?

Now, you can. We're SO proud to share with you guys the new website we created, Givoogle.com.

Givoogle is the same Google search you love. But advertisers pay us for every 1000 people who see their banner ad. Then, we donate 100% of the money to the American Cancer Society. Cool, huh?

If just 0.01% of people currently using Google switch to Givoogle, we can raise millions to fight cancer! We're so pumped!


Just setting Givoogle as your home page will raise $74 a year or more. Do it now!

Prefer the search box in Firefox/IE? Use the Givoogle Search Box.

You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

Tell two people - start a chain reaction! Instead of $74, you could raise $74,000. Who knows?

GO SPREAD THE WORD!! Update your Facebook, your Twitter, blog, anything! Then, let us know in the comments what you did to spread the word! We love you all! - Emerson and Gaby


Ebony said...

Today I posted a blog about Givoogle, and added the link as my pm on MSN. I hope this spreads, it's such a great cause, even though I'm not American.

Emerson Spartz said...

Thanks, Ebony, for helping us spread the word!

evannaa said...

I had to send an e-mail to some friends and I just typed a little about Givoogle as signature.. I hope they start using it too now.

Emerson Spartz said...

Thanks Evannaa, great idea!

Diana said...
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maria said...

hey, i just heard about this today, and i cant get over what a great idea it is! you guys are awesome for doing this, more people should be helping charities, and i for one am happy that i can help people just by using givoogle!!
Ill make sure to help spread the word!

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